What do you expect when you call support?

What do you expect when you call support?

When you imagine calling an 800 number for customer support, you may envision waiting on hold from five to 30 minutes. Once an agent picks up, you might also expect to be transferred at least once, repeat your request, and maybe even get disconnected in the process, so you have to start the process all over again. While you’re on hold, they’ll suggest the option of using their web portal or email, but emailing can often take 2-3 days for a response.

At Veracity Logic, we have a proven record of answering all support calls within one minute. If we cannot answer within one minute, it will automatically go to voicemail, and we return voicemails within 15 minutes.

If it is not an urgent matter and an email is sent instead, we typically respond within one hour. Even on our busiest days, we respond to every email by the end of the business day on which it was sent.


A range of issues can be resolved quickly

In the Clinical Trials Industry, it is common practice to have the CRO or sponsor sign a data change form before any changes can be completed.  However, if a subject is at the study site and needs immediate help, most sponsors have agreed to allow the Veracity Logic Customer Success team to assist the site immediately. Any necessary documentation will also be completed at the same time.

The range of issues that can be resolved quickly can include:

  • resetting passwords
  • changing demographic data or a visit date
  • reporting a temperature excursion
  • dispensing a replacement kit

Even if the power goes down at the site, we can record the subject visits on the site’s behalf.  Each study works a little differently, but with a well laid out communication plan, Veracity Logic can resolve most issues in the time it takes for many companies to answer the phone or respond to an email.


Quality responses

Our Customer Success Team members are knowledgeable professionals with years of hands-on experience managing IRT functions in clinical trials. We want our clients to be satisfied, so we include a survey in our help desk email follow-ups.  So far, we are running a 100% satisfaction rate.


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