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Users of your IRT are having trouble remembering how to reach the Help Desk for system and project issues. Phone numbers and email addresses are provided in various documents, but somehow your study's site users, project managers, and site monitors --globally!--don’t seem to be able to find them when they need them, or they waste valuable time looking.  How can your IRT provider ease the pain?


Veracity Logic’s IRT provides the Help Desk email address on the system login screen and again on a Help page within the project system, easily accessible from the Main Menu. Help Desk phone numbers for each Country are listed on the Help page as well. Users literally have help at their fingertips...just click the direct email link, or pick up the phone for more urgent issues requiring immediate resolution. If your study has an IVR (phone) component as well as a web interface, users can instantly reach the Help Desk by simply  hitting the star key from anywhere in the call system. At VL, we figure the point of a Help Desk is to help!

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