The Veracity Logic IRT platform handles diverse approaches to subject randomization, including:

  • Simple, Static Randomization
  • Stratified Randomization
  • Dynamic/Minimization – the ability to balance covariates as the study proceeds
  • Adaptive Randomization – the ability to disable a treatment arm
  • Forced Randomization – the ability to take site inventory into account

  • Case StudiesJan 24

    Dynamic Randomization — Striking a Balance

    The Problem: Randomization -- that is, the truly random assignment of patients to a treatment group in a clinical trial -- is the gold standard approach to producing statistically valid results in drug studies. Randomization is intended to eliminate bias -- theoretically, the myriad of variable and potential variable differences between +

  • Case StudiesSep 10

    Forced Randomization …

    Uh oh, we don’t have that drug type on the shelf…! Problem: Clinical site A has been slow but steady enrolling subjects for your study, and the IRT resupply schedule has been working just fine, provisioning the site with just the right amounts of the two types of study drug used in +