VLIRT®’s Import feature allows bulk uploading of clinical site information…for example, at study startup. But the system also empowers authorized users to add, activate, and deactivate sites on an individual basis as needed throughout a study without having to involve VL staff. This click-of-a-button functionality equates to savings in time and cost for VL clients. Ask us about site management features that enable fast, configurable control of predictive inventory variables, shipment processes, supply sources, and more…

  • Optimizing Timely IRT Compliance

    A general finding in the clinical trials industry is that entering visit data into an EDC system by clinical site personnel lags, on average, 11 days behind a clinic visit. This issue of belated entry persists in the industry despite the hopes, dreams, wishes, urgings, and incentives offered by +

  • RBM in 2018

    As the new year of 2018 begins, it does so with the transition to Risk-Based Monitoring (RBM) one of the key initiatives on the table for the clinical trials industry. Backed by federal regulators, RBM urges a move away from ‘rote’ approaches to quality control – for example, 100% Source +

  • Case StudiesJul 25

    Sites Are Not Created Equal

    Problem: Why try to push a square peg into a round hole? It's an old saw, but a true one: investigator Sites in clinical trials are widely different in their procedures, their facilities, their local challenges, their staff, their suppliers, their idiosyncrasies. How then does a Project Manager (PM) standardize +

  • Enrollment Expectations and Site Management

    Problem: Your clinical trial will be conducted at more than 50 clinical sites in the U.S. and another 40 internationally. The incidence of disease for the indication of interest varies widely based on geography, but your IRT algorithm treats sites as a unitary phenomenon--a sure path to cost inefficiencies. +

  • Case StudiesSep 18

    Help, I need to add a Site but the study hasn’t started!

    Problem: You’ve got a study with 150 Clinical Sites globally and you want to be able to begin adding Sites to your IRT system as soon as they are enlisted (and allow Site Monitors to modify Site information as needed), but you don't want Sites to be able to add +

  • Leverage IRT Capabilities for Site Monitoring

    Wide Range of Applications VL’s IRT system delivers a wide range of applications for planning site monitoring visits during the life of a clinical trial. Our Subject Management module and Rollup Reports offer a variety of metrics on subject activities, drug dispensation, and other performance variables within and across subjects and +