Veracity Logic can import or export IRT data in CSV, XML, or TXT format, on a cumulative, scheduled basis (e.g., nightly transfers) or a real-time transactional basis. VLIRT® communicates with other systems either via FTP or by direct communication using HTTP or web services requests. We’ve integrated with major EDC vendors, including DataTrak, OmniComm, Oracle, Medrio, MediData Inform, and more…we can also integrate with any EDC, ePRO, CTMS, or clinical supplier/distributor platform your project requires.

  • Quick Tip from Veracity Logic: Reducing IRT/EDC Reconciliation

    When integrating an IRT (IWR/IVR) system with an EDC platform, avoid collecting CRF data in the IRT. Optimal goals for deploying an IRT are to screen subjects (i.e., assign a Subject ID), to randomize subjects to a treatment group, and to assign drug to subjects during the trial. We recommend +

  • Reconciliation-Free IRT

    One of the questions most frequently asked by clients during demos of the Veracity Logic IRT (IVR/IWR) system is how best to handle the problem of having to reconcile data between a study’s IRT and EDC platforms. The answer is twofold, but simple: First, move data between the two systems +

  • Case StudiesApr 25

    Push vs. Pull — Tips on IRT Data Integrations

    The Challenge: Your EDC system will house the bulk of your clinical data for the upcoming clinical trial but you're using an IRT for screening, randomization, and drug assignment. What's the most efficient, cost-effective way to accomplish two key study goals: to integrate certain data as needed (in a timely fashion), +

  • Case StudiesFeb 28

    Veracity Logic-Medrio Integration Spells Success

    Through Integration of Medrio and Veracity Logic, Atlantic Research Group Expands Capabilities Finding themselves under a strict timeline and in need of drug supply management, Atlantic Research Group was searching for a way to bolster their software repertoire. Using a free API from Medrio, they were able to access the comprehensive +

  • Third-Party Integrations…Reviewing What Matters

    With the cost of executing clinical trials continuing to spiral upward, Sponsor and CROs are increasingly relying on the ability to integrate multiple service providers on a single study. Integration...true integration, that is...must accomplish three key procedural (and thereby cost) savings regardless of the types of applications/tools being integrated: First, +

  • Case StudiesSep 17

    Errors in transfers to EDC

    Problem: Your study depends on reliable interaction between your IRT system and your EDC platform. But your current IRT provider has three times failed to successfully complete a transmission between the two systems…with no warning to you! In all three cases, the transmission error was caused by technical issues that +