Our IRT manages all scheduled and unscheduled clinic visits, visit windows, termination activities, and other unscheduled activities like subject unblinding and unscheduled drug resupplies. Activity types and schedules are customized to project-specific needs. On-screen reports present all trial activities within and across subjects and sites on an ongoing basis. Summary views provide up-to-the-minute overviews of study status.

  • In Search of Patient-Centric Vendors

    The recent Outsourcing Southeast conference in RTP, NC highlighted one of the hot topics currently buzzing in the pharmaceutical industry, i.e., the need to define and implement a more patient-centric model of clinical trials. The concept of patient-centricity in the drug development world consists of several basic struts: • Engage subjects/advocacy groups +

  • A Powerful Approach to Visit Windows

    Having robust information on study visit windows and scheduled activities that is easily configurable (and reconfigurable as need be) is an important requirement when vetting IRT (IVR/IWR) systems for clinical trials. What kind of information should you look for? First, there are the basics: scheduled activities, activity windows, and options +

  • User Experience = Power+Simplicity!

    The Challenge: As technology gets more and more sophisticated, data collection systems for clinical trials are at risk of becoming less and less intuitive for users. Accordingly, the importance of the User Experience has moved to the forefront in many recent pharmaceutical conferences. The challenge for the pharma-tech industry is +

  • Risk-Based Monitoring with IRT

    The key to effective Risk-Based Monitoring (RBM) is data – having essential information in your hands in a timely fashion. Interactive Response Technology (IRT/IVR/IWR), which long ago had its start as a ‘randomization platform’ for clinical trials, is now a powerful tool-of-choice for subject and drug supply management, yielding data that +

  • Getting to Market Faster…

    Getting to market faster is one of the major goals of every pharmaceutical company. Going paperless is one way CROs are reducing the time--and costs--required to complete and close a clinical trial. According to CenterWatch (June 27, 2016), Sponsor use of electronic Trial Master File (eTMF) applications has doubled in the +

  • Case StudiesNov 29

    Accessing Event Notifications

    The Challenge: For a study lasting several years, it’s common to have turnover of study personnel. When this happens, new users need access to the notifications sent by the system prior to their arrival. Typically, new users have to ask for printouts of specific prior notifications, or the Help Desk +

  • Summary Rollup Reports…

    Problem: Your drug supply depots are using up study drug faster than expected. You need to track down the problem. For one thing, you want to take a quick look at Subject Activities and see how many instances of unscheduled resupply of study drug have occurred in your study thus far, +

  • Leverage IRT Capabilities for Project Management

    Getting Ahead Interactive Response Technology (IRT) delivers a wide range of functionality for managing your clinical trial — e.g., subject management, visit management, and drug assignment and accountability, and inventory and shipping management. For Project Managers, the Early Reporting aspect of IRTs enables you to get ahead—and stay ahead — of +