IRT Features

Our IRT platform includes both Interactive Web Response (IWR) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) components. We provide a clean, table-based, low graphics intensity solution which our customers have found appealing for its wealth of features, ease of use, and speed. Use our VLIRT® system to manage:

  • Subjects and Activities
  • Randomization and Unblinding
  • Study Drug and Dosing/Titration
  • Shipping and Inventory Control
  • Predictive Resupply (cost-effective control of limited product)
  • System Security and Role-Based Functionality
  • Third-party integrations with EDC, CTMS, and ePRO systems
  • Study-specific Alerts and Notifications
  • …And More…

Most of us already have Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for each of our processes. But do you re-review an SOP…
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