Intuitive Subject Management Systems

Intuitive and user friendly

To be effective, an e-clinical solution must be intuitive for all users.

For a clinical system to be user-friendly, it needs to be flexible.

As clinical trials move more towards virtual environments, it is extremely important to have views of subject data and information that fit the needs of everyone involved in a study. This flexibility should be available in all new e-clinical systems including EDC, CTMS, ePRO, and RTMS/IRT.

Imagine a busy study:

Dozens of clinical sites each enrolling multiple patients, totaling hundreds of subjects.  A busy screen can make hundreds of subjects appear overwhelming to the user. Now imagine a system that allows information to be toggled, filtered, and sorted in an easy, logical manner. Those hundreds of patients become much more manageable. This is how the VLIRT® system operates. It allows the user to change the settings to easily extrapolate information on each subject.

Veracity Logic’s VLIRT® (IRT/RTMS) platform offers flexibility that creates an intuitive online experience for all users. The modular VLIRT system allows for configurable flexibility selected by users at startup. So even in a complex study with customizations and project specific additions, the system maintains a user-friendly environment without incurring additional time — and costs — during the development of the system.

Save time on reports

With the VLIRT system function to export the Subjects page to a CSV file, the data and information can be manipulated even further. No more ad hoc reports that take days to create; subjects can be managed in stride with the study in real-time by the users and reports are at the user’s fingertips. Managing subjects is intuitive.

The user-friendly interface of the VLIRT system helps all users manage subjects effectively and efficiently. Even in complex studies, the flexibility and configurability of the system maintains the user-friendly environment.


About the author:  Noah Coates is a Project Manager at Veracity Logic. Check out his post on Putting Clinical Study Control Where It Belongs.


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