Four Ways to Reduce IRT Help Desk Calls

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It’s essential to have a strong 24/7 Help Desk backing up your IRT vendor. But be sure the IRT system you’re choosing also has a sufficient array of ‘do it yourself’ options that will empower your study team to safely do system updates and save time and money by acting independently of the Help Desk.

Here are just four ways to reduce the need for vendor intervention:

  1. Look for a system with a login screen that enables users who’ve forgotten (lost) their passwords to simply request a temporary credential to be sent to their email, without having to contact the Help Desk. This is the one item that most directly reduces the amount of Help Desk involvement!

  2. Look for a system that empowers the study team to easily generate new reports as needed throughout the study. The Veracity Logic interface, for example, is a tabular format – selecting ‘Subjects’ from the main menu brings you a single table of all subjects, their demographic information, their current status, their next activity and due date, and so on. Filters can be by study, site, or status. For every data screen in a project system, the full table or filtered data can be instantly exported, with a single click, to a .csv file ready for review with Excel or a similar data analysis tool. Contrast this empowering strategy with one requiring vendor intervention for ad hoc reports or the creation of new ‘canned reports’ during the study. The savings in time and money is obvious. 

  3. Make sure your IRT vetting checklist ensures the vendor will train users, who have appropriate permissions, on processes they can do themselves – for example, manage sites and users (adding, editing, activating, and deactivating them throughout the study), modify site limits, edit subject data, update kit statuses, etc.?

  4. Look for a system that provides an easy-to-use document distribution capability within the project system. For instance, your IRT should allow Project Managers to distribute new or updated project documents (such as user manuals, new work orders, organization memos, processing tips, announcements, etc.) to all or groups of users. The documents should be easy to post and remove as needed throughout the study.

Veracity Logic’s VLIRT® CORE system provides all of the above…as well as other ways project teams can take matters into their own capable hands.

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