Practical IRT Design from Veracity Logic

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“Configurable” and “modular” are claims made by many companies providing clinical IRT (IWR/IVR) services today. Configurable means that system changes can be made to meet the specific needs of a clinical trial without requiring days of coding by a vendor’s development and technical support team. Modular means clients only pay for the functionality they need. Veracity Logic’s VLIRT® solution is built on a configurable, modular foundation that is technology agnostic for integration with other eClinical systems.

Revolution or Evolution?

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New technological developments portend radical changes in the way the pharmaceutical industry will conduct clinical trials for new drug development in future – in fact, the rapid pace of techno-change predicts revolution in the wide arena of human health care.

But is it really a ‘revolution’ that looms on the horizon? Or is ‘evolution’ the better – and more welcome – description of the road that lies ahead?

How to Choose an IRT for Your Clinical Trial (Revised)

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Interactive Response Technology (IRT) is the currently accepted term for clinical IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and IWR (Interactive Web Response) systems used in clinical trials. Today’s IRT platforms provide complex subject/activity management functionality and robust management of drug supply and shipping throughout the trial.

While IRT technology has gotten increasingly powerful, detailed knowledge of all the functions an IRT can and should do has lagged somewhat behind. This white paper — which includes an up-to-date checklist for use in the IRT selection process — was prompted by requests from our clients and colleagues —Sponsors, CROs, and Clinical Suppliers— for a reasonably comprehensive summary of features and issues to consider when vetting IRT systems today. The first iteration of the white paper/checklist was published in 2016.