A Process for Successful Mid-study Changes

changes in clinical trials can be challenging

Change is a constant challenge in the world of clinical studies, and it can cause both stress and delays. In our last blog, we discussed 5 tips for more effective mid-study changes. Now let’s look at the components of a successful management process for a technical change from an IRT perspective. The IRT Project Manager …

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Five Tips for Minimizing Mid-study Change Delays


According to a recent survey, managing mid-study changes and their associated delays topped the list of challenges faced while conducting a clinical trial. But there are ways to minimize the impact of mid-study changes. “There are five components to any successful system change,” says David Goldston, President of Veracity Logic. “And thinking through them will …

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Intuitive Subject Management Systems

Intuitive and user friendly To be effective, an e-clinical solution must be intuitive for all users. For a clinical system to be user-friendly, it needs to be flexible. As clinical trials move more towards virtual environments, it is extremely important to have views of subject data and information that fit the needs of everyone involved …

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Are your vendor partners the right size to support your next clinical trial?

Should you choose the largest and best-known vendor to support your clinical trial? You’ve seen them at conferences, these companies have the most resources and great marketing — does that mean that they are the safe choice because they are well known? Maybe. But when you are a small to medium-sized customer, big companies sometimes …

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Choosing Your IRT Partner for Clinical Trials in 2021

Will you be looking for a new Clinical IRT Partner in 2021? Check out our vendor selection guide! Developed especially for Sponsors, CROs, and Clinical Suppliers, it lists the capabilities and issues to consider when vetting IRT vendors and systems in an easy to use format. We hope you’ll find it useful.   Download your …

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Choosing an IRT Partner to Extend Your Team’s Resources

Increasing demand for speed while achieving quality results has made partnerships an essential component of today’s clinical trial environment. An ideal Interactive Response Technology (IRT) partner will make the complex processes of subject and inventory management simpler and easier to manage, saving your project team and clinicians time so they can focus on your study. …

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User Experience = Power + Simplicity!

The Challenge: As technology gets more and more sophisticated, data collection systems for clinical trials are at risk of becoming less and less intuitive for users. The challenge for the pharma-tech industry is obvious: how to deliver more power while remaining user friendly for the diverse population of users at clinical sites around the world. …

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Choosing Your Clinical IRT Partner in 2020

deploy global IRT system

While IRT technology has gotten increasingly powerful, detailed knowledge of all the functions an IRT can and should do has lagged somewhat behind. This vendor selection checklist was prompted by requests from our clients and colleagues —Sponsors, CROs, and Clinical Suppliers — for a reasonably comprehensive summary of features and issues to consider when vetting …

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