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After 12 years in the business of providing Interactive Voice Response (IRT/IWR/IVR), we here at Veracity Logic decided to have a little fun tooting our horn. Take a peek at the video and use the Contact Us page to let us know what you think!

NC Pharma/Biotech Spotlight: Paidion Research

Company Spotlight

With the continued growth of the Pharma/Biotech sector in North Carolina, it’s getting harder to keep up with colleagues and companies. This Spotlight series is part of Veracity Logic’s ‘Howdy Neighbor!’ initiative –a program designed to help all of us who work in North Carolina’s clinical trial industry to get to know the folks in our own backyard!

Once upon a time, in the world of new drug development, the pharmaceutical industry made very little distinction between the conclusions reached in research with adults and the presumptive application of those findings to children. (Sandeep Bavdekar provides a historical perspective on this issue in his article, “Pediatric Clinical Trials” in the 2013 Jan-Mar issue of Perspectives in Clinical Research).

Then the FDA/EMA issued new directives.