AGILE or Not – The Team Makes the Difference

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We’ve been surprised over the past year or so by the number of IRT companies that have begun touting AGILE methodology as the knight-on-a-white-horse come to save us all from our clinical trial timing dilemmas. Oh, if only it were that simple!
A Decade of Agility

Veracity Logic has been using an AGILE-style methodology for nearly 10 years now. What we have learned is this: In its cleanest form, the approach does allow project teams to implement systems faster than with the traditional waterfall. But — unfortunately for all of us – an AGILE process is not what finally makes a difference in the timelines of a project.

Managing Supplemental Supplies with your IRT

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Required Non-Investigational Materials

It doesn’t seem like a big deal until you have to do it – managing the bandages, syringes, saline solution, tubing, and so on, that Sites may require during the conduct of your clinical trial. The non-investigational materials required for use at clinic visits are often regarded as ‘no-brainers’, not demanding much forethought or attention. But it takes only one or two experiences in a complex trial for Clinical Project Managers (PMs) to concede that developing and managing processes for ordering, reordering, controlling limits on the amount ordered, and managing the users authorized to order supplemental materials is an important part of the efficient – and painless– execution of a clinical study.

Ten Areas to Find ROI From Your IRT System …

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Conducting a clinical trial – even a small one – is expensive. Pressure to contain costs is a constant presence in the lives of procurement managers, project managers, and senior personnel in all operational areas of Sponsor-companies and CROs. Accordingly, vendors who serve the pharmaceutical industry also live under intense pricing pressure. A demonstrable ROI – Return on Investment – is therefore a minimum requirement when considering whether a particular service provider is a worthy addition to the project mix.

Use of Quarantine Strategies to Leverage Investigational Product

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The cost of producing an adequate store of investigational drug for a clinical trial remains high – significant enough that new ways to forecast manufacturing quantities, predict optimal shipping schedules, and differentially assign drug to sites based on enrollment estimates are constantly being developed.

How might IRT systems provide additional methods of minimizing drug waste during a study?

Meet VL at CTS Southeast 2017 in Cary, NC

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This year’s CTS Southeast focuses on “Developing Best Practices and Incorporating Novel Technologies to Meet the Demand of More Complex, International Clinical Trial Supply Chains”.

Veracity Logic’s VLIRT® platform includes both Interactive Web Response (IWR) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) components. We provide a clean, table-based, low graphics intensity solution which our customers have found appealing for its wealth of features, ease of use, and speed.

Meet VL at OCT Southeast 2017 in Cary, NC

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This locally-focused event attended by the RTP biopharmaceutical market (and more!) looks at key challenges faced by small to mid-sized biotech and pharma companies in the Southeast and facilitates learning and problem-solving through case studies and discussion among peers. We’d love to meet up!

Meet VL at OCT Southeast 2017 in Cary, NC

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This locally-focused event attended by the RTP biopharmaceutical market (and more!) looks at key challenges faced by small to mid-sized biotech and pharma companies in the Southeast and facilitates learning and problem-solving through case studies and discussion among peers. We’d love to meet

Meet Veracity Logic at SCOPE 2017…

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The 8th Annual SCOPE Summit, taking place January 24-26, 2017 in Miami, FL, will offer three stimulating days of in-depth discussions in 13 different conferences, 6 pre-conference workshops and 2 symposia focused on a myriad of issues related to clinical trial planning and management, including domains seminal to the world of Interactive Response Technology (IRT) — e.g., Data Integration, Site Management, Patient Engagement, Mobile Tech, Project Management, Outsourcing, Forecasting, Quality in Trial Conduct, Risk-Based Monitoring, Post-Marketing Studies, and more!

Veracity Logic’s user-friendly IRT system, VLIRT®, has been deployed for global trials in more than 50 countries and 45 languages over the past decade. Our system—and our team—are well known for their time-sensitive adaptability to the realities clinical trial execution. We’ll be there front and center at the conference in Miami, looking forward to an impromptu exchange of ideas and creative liaison with Sponsors, CROs, Clinical Suppliers, and Vendors. We’d love to hook up!

Industry News: Managing Complexity

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As cited by Antoine Freyss of Novartis in a recent Clinical Trials Arena article, “Welcome IRT to Your Clinical Trials,” analysis of trends within clinical trials shows an exponential growth in study registrations over the past decade. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) declared an average of 3,900 trial registrations per year  from 2000 to 2005 compared to an average of …

Acronym for This, Acronym for That

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Question: What is RTSM?

The recent CBI IRT Conference in Philadelphia made clear that a new acronym — “RTSM”– is coming into popular use to describe IRT systems. What is RTSM? And do we really need another acronym?

Our industry started using the term “Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVRS)” in the early 90’s to describe the typical phone-based systems used to capture IRT data for clinical trials. As use of web systems expanded, the term “Interactive Web Response Systems (IWRS)” sprung into being. To facilitate references to the two systems, vendors began using “IVRS/IWRS” to describe their product. Inevitably, the term “IxRS” came into use–an acronym which is now trademarked and used by only that one company.
IRT Widely Used

Finally, the term “Interactive Response Technology (IRT)” leapt in to fill the gap, and is now the one most commonly used to refer to the technology for managing subjects and clinical trial materials during a study. Or at least it was, until …

The question was asked, why use a term like IRT, which describes the technology but not its function in the clinical trials industry? After all, IRT systems are used widely in other industries, for other functions – for example, we interact with our bank accounts via the web or phone or mobile devices.
Randomization Trial Supply Management

“RTSM” stands for “Randomization and Trial Supply Management”. This reflects two of the major functions of a clinical trials IRT — randomizing subjects, and managing drug supply. This, at least, is a good thing. The downside of the new acronym is that it doesn’t go far enough — it labels us too narrowly and fails to highlight many important key functions.

Maybe we should come up with a new acronym that reflects the full subject management services that IRTs provide. How about “Subject Management And Randomization with Trial Supply or “SMARTS?” Okay, enough already.
Veracity Logic’s Validated Technology

Whichever acronym you choose: IVRS, IWRS, IRT, or RTMS — or even SMARTS! (we’re really only kidding about this one), Veracity Logic provides the validated technology for screening and randomizing subjects, recording subject activities, and managing the drug supply for your study.