Are your vendor partners the right size to support your next clinical trial?

Should you choose the largest and best-known vendor to support your clinical trial? You’ve seen them at conferences, these companies have the most resources and great marketing — does that mean that they are the safe choice because they are well known?


But when you are a small to medium-sized customer, big companies sometimes deliver with their “C Team” after the sale, saving their A-team for bigger, more highly funded programs.

Working with them is like being a small frog in a big pond, because a smaller company’s project’s budget may be a tiny fraction of the gross revenue of the larger company. For example, if you contract with a company having $4+ billion in annual revenue, your $3 million budget only amounts to 0.075% of their revenue.

This same reality applies when smaller CRO’s or Sponsors select Clinical IRT vendors.

Consider the tradeoffs:

  Small Company Large Company
Quality/stability Experienced and stable  staff; you will know who will be on your project team May assign junior or rotating members to your project team
Speed Fewer stakeholders result in quicker approvals (applicable to CDA, MSA, RFI, RFP, SOP, CO*)  

Many stakeholders and levels of approval can cause delays (applicable to CDA, MSA, RFI, RFP, SOP, CO*)



Most team members are Cross-trained and can perform multiple duties


Most team members are specialized; cannot perform tasks outside the scope for which they were primarily hired.
Team environment Team members are more impowered  

Team members may have Less/or no empowerment


Team environment Less turnover

Distinct work culture


Higher turnover

Numerous departments; can  have differences in management

Flexibility Easier to make changes.  Processes can be adapted more quickly, as fewer decision-makers involved Established processes and more decision-makers may make changes more difficult
Communication and Responsiveness.   

Prioritize client meetings and turn requests around asap.

Clients can expect to reach the team 24/7


Can be difficult to reach team members directly; may have to start with tech support calls
Customization More customized approaches; completed in less time Customized approaches may  take longer due to the approval process
Cost Lower due to less overhead  

Can be higher due to more  overhead


At Veracity Logic, we deliver all of our projects with our A team.

Contact us to learn more about the Veracity Logic system and how we go the extra mile for our clients.



* Terms used: CDA- Confidential Disclosure Agreement
MSA- Master Services Agreement
RFI – Request for Information
RFP – Request for Proposal
SOP- Standard Operating Procedures
CO – Change Order