Are you trading performance for connectivity convenience?

One of the challenges of using software from multiple vendors to support a clinical trial is connectivity.

Is minimizing the number of clinical trial vendors the answer?

While it can make things simpler for vendor managers, it may come at the cost of reduced performance. Some parts of the system may work well, but some may be less optimal for the specific situation.

There is usually a tradeoff between convenience and performance. Having an all-in-one tool like the Swiss Army knife above is great to have in a pinch, but if you’re going to filet several fish, it’s best to have the right tool.

Choosing a collection of applications that work best for the specific trial you are conducting can optimize the way it will run.

If conductivity is a concern, talk with us. We’ve successfully supported over 175 international clinical trials, securely integrating with 10 major EDCs and IP Distribution companies, including:

  • Medidata RAVE
  • Anju (OmniComm) TrialMaster
  • Medrio
  • Inform
  • Castor
  • IBM
  • eClinical
  • PHT
  • eTrials
  • DataLabs

We’ve also completed integrations with warehouse vendors, including Thermo-Fisher, PCI, and Catalent.
And, if you have an EDC or warehouse vendor that we haven’t worked with before, we can work with them to integrate our system with theirs.

At Veracity Logic, we specialize in IRT, and our many repeat customers (84%) show we do it well.

Contact us to see how we can support your next trial.