Bringing your product to market takes a team

At Veracity Logic, we bring our “A” team of experienced, customer-focused problem solvers to every project.


Our experienced team provides clinical trial subject and inventory management services so clinical trials run faster and more efficiently

Veracity Logic (VL), based in North Carolina’s Research Triangle area, provides clinical trial subject and inventory management services using our VLIVR® interactive response technology to make your clinical trial run faster and more efficiently.  We’ve built our business on exceeding customer expectations — we’re looking forward to exceeding yours.

Our Values:

At Veracity Logic, we’re as proud of our ability to manage the real-life demands of clinical trials as we are of our technology. Our values include:

We believe in simplicity. We don’t add trendy “bells and whistles” to our system. Our clean, user accessible IRT interface has complex and powerful thinking inside that simplifies processes, delivering the information you need to run your trial.

We’re customer focused. Our team believes in going the extra mile – for customers, not their daily commute. They work from locations where they work best, so they can focus on supporting our customers, not a fancy Headquarters building. We keep our overhead low so we can deliver greater value on your IRT investment.

Leadership Team

Steve Zimmerman, Founder and Chief Technology Officer 

Steve Zimmerman Veracity LogicSteve Zimmerman founded Veracity Logic in 2003 and serves as Chief Technology Officer.

Prior to starting Veracity Logic, Steve was an architectural consultant on the Microsoft Development platform for a number of companies around the country and was a columnist for Microsoft Internet Developer magazine. He has a Master’s degree in computer engineering and enjoys raising Japanese koi fish.

He is a hands-on type leader and continues to enhance the VLIRT™ core system.

“At Veracity Logic, we’ve been able to build a lean, nimble and efficient team – we love what we do and go the extra mile to make sure your trial goes right. We don’t have layers upon layers of management or expensive buildings to support, so we can focus on supporting our clients, not our overhead. When you work with Veracity Logic, you’ll be treated as a valued client, not just another study.” – Steve Zimmerman, Founder

David Goldston, President and COO

David Goldston Veracity LogicDavid Goldston is an accomplished professional with in-depth knowledge of the clinical research industry, including extensive experience in the areas of project management, solutions development, and software validation/quality assurance. His strengths include excellent communication and process development skills and the ability to adapt existing tools to meet project-specific needs. He enjoys building rapport with clients and colleagues, and when he’s not working, he’ll be reading the latest business book or hiking along mountain trails.

“Our focus is on building a solid community of companies and clients; supporting them so their clinical trials run more efficiently and they get the quality results they need as quickly as possible — with less hassle.

We all work collaboratively and love to hear that “Veracity Logic is easy to work with” from our clients.” – David Goldston

Ready to see how we can help? Schedule a call with David to learn how Veracity Logic can give you more control over your clinical trial.

“You’ve made things very easy for us, been very responsive and very easy to work with…” – Project Manager, Sponsor

Ready to see how we can help? Learn how Veracity Logic can give you more control over your clinical trial.