5 Ways Veracity Logic Can Help Your Next Study Run Smoother

Can Veracity Logic’s IRT system help your next clinical trial run faster and more efficiently?   Yes! 

Here’s how: 

1) Reduces start up time 

  • Our system is designed to expedite clinical trials – it’s modular and quick to configure, so we can meet tight deployment timelines.
  • The VLIRT system is easy to learn and use, so the study team can be up and running quickly 

2)   Boosts productivity 

  • Our system minimizes the number of clicks needed to complete a task 
  • The user-friendly interface of the VLIRT system helps Users manage subjects efficiently, even in complex studies.
  • Our easy to read dashboard allows Users to immediately download data into spreadsheets for further analysis or reporting, eliminating the need for programming ad hoc queries or waiting to customize canned reports.

3) Reduces errors 

Our context-sensitive menus and drop-down lists only present valid options to the users; saving time and preventing entry errors

4) Makes mid-trial adaptations easier  

Our experienced team is known for rolling up their sleeves and diving in to help clients meet their goals and we respond quickly to changes. In fact, some configuration changes can be completed in a matter of days.

5) Supports your team from start to finish

Our 24/7 help desk is staffed in the United States by our knowledgeable team who believes in going the extra mile for our clients.


Veracity Logic’s IRT can take the hassle out of randomization and supply management—so you can concentrate on patients and your study’s success.


84% of our business is from repeat customers 

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