Optimizing Timely IRT Compliance

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A general finding in the clinical trials industry is that entering visit data into an EDC system by clinical site personnel lags, on average, 11 days behind a clinic visit. This issue of belated entry persists in the industry despite the hopes, dreams, wishes, urgings, and incentives offered by Sponsors and CROs for quicker data access.
Typically, IRT (IWR/IVR) systems, which provide clinical personnel with critical information like Subject IDs, randomization to treatment groups, and kit numbers for proper drug dispensation at site visits, enjoy timelier entry of visit data than do EDC systems. This ‘first-in/early data’ positioning makes IRT systems highly valuable components of a trial’s data collection efforts.

Quick Tip from Veracity Logic: Reducing IRT/EDC Reconciliation

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When integrating an IRT (IWR/IVR) system with an EDC platform, avoid collecting CRF data in the IRT. Optimal goals for deploying an IRT are to screen subjects (i.e., assign a Subject ID), to randomize subjects to a treatment group, and to assign drug to subjects during the trial. We recommend our clients follow a ‘must have’ approach for data collected in the IRT and subsequently pushed to the EDC – in most cases, limiting the data transferred to the Subject ID, Visit ID, and IP assigned.

Revolution or Evolution?

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New technological developments portend radical changes in the way the pharmaceutical industry will conduct clinical trials for new drug development in future – in fact, the rapid pace of techno-change predicts revolution in the wide arena of human health care.

But is it really a ‘revolution’ that looms on the horizon? Or is ‘evolution’ the better – and more welcome – description of the road that lies ahead?

Veracity Logic Announces 10% Discount for NCBIO members — Howdy Neighbors!


In honor of the robust Pharma/Biotech industry here in our home state of North Carolina, Veracity Logic – a provider of IRT (IWR/IVR) services for clinical trials — has initiated its ‘Howdy Neighbor!’ program aimed at helping NC players get to know the companies and colleagues in their own backyard.
As part of that program, we’re now offering a 10% discount on startup costs for IRT services for members of the North Carolina Biosciences Organization (NCBIO). The discount is applicable to proposals initiated from May to the end of 2018.