Save IRT Time and Money with an ASCA

IRT Essentials

It’s not always big things that make a difference in the efficiency of a clinical trial — sometimes it’s the smallest things.
The IRT (IWR/IVR) database is no exception to the rule. The incorrect formatting of a fax or phone number, or an extra space in an email address where automatic notifications are to be sent can wreak havoc with the best laid plans. Likewise, an error in the spelling of a field label, or failing to update the name of an internal infrastructure unit like a new email server can cause significant issues and must be corrected.

Tips for IRT Startup Meetings

IRT Essentials

The contracts have been signed, the study teams are in place (at the Sponsor/CRO and vendors), and it’s time to hold the startup meeting for one of the first data collection tools that will be used for your clinical trial – namely, the Interactive Response Technology (IRT/IWR/IVR) system.

An IRT is the tool of choice for subject randomization and management, drug assignment and inventory management, and shipping, and as such is often the first point of entry for subject data – data that is then typically pushed to the EDC housing the clinical database. But what do you need to bring to the table to help get the IRT efficiently up and running on your project?

IWRS for Clinical Trials — A Few Notes

IRT Essentials

Wondering what Interactive Response Technology (IRT/IWR/IVR) is and where it fits in the world of clinical trials? For a brief intro, take a peek at the interview IWRS for Clinical Trials with David Goldston, Veracity Logic’s Managing Director.