Enhancing the IRT User Experience…

IRT Essentials

The Challenge:

During the course of a clinical trial, users are required to learn and use a variety of systems. To ease the burden, IRT vendors need to provide an attractive, easy-to-learn, easy-to-use IRT interface that provides users with much-desired ‘data at a glance’ capabilities and allows them to execute critical tasks quickly, with a few simple clicks.

The Solution:

To meet this challenge, Veracity Logic has developed a table-based, data-centric approach that greatly simplifies the user experience by incorporating basic data processing/error reduction strategies like data toggles, row-level audit trails, tabular formats, check boxes, filters, and context-sensitive menus, while eliminating the kinds of graphic overloads that slow down other systems and result in user frustration.

Using Veracity Logic IRT’s Help Page…

Case Studies

Help, how do I get new documentation to the users?!

Mid-study issues make it clear to your Project Manager that sites need new instructions to improve and clarify certain aspects of study conduct. The Project Manager puts together a User Guide, in six languages, for all study sites. The question now is how best to provide it to the clinical sites to insure it will be readily available for easy use.

Veracity Logic’s IRT solves this problem by allowing authorized users to upload on-screen User Documentation as a standard feature of the system. The control is in your hands … users can easily add documents to the system via a simple ‘Upload Document’ button on the Help page off the Main Menu. Documents uploaded can relate to any aspect of your clinical trial –not just user manuals but process updates, new guidelines, even simply to disseminate interesting news. Outdated material is easily removed or replaced, making it easy to keep information current as things change throughout the study.

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