Can Your IRT System Help You Manage Protocol Deviations?

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Your study has been suffering from slow enrollment. An excellent candidate, medically speaking, walks into Site 101 but there’s one problem: The minimum enrollment age for the clinical trial is 18. The age of the new potential candidate is 17 years, eight months. The Study Coordinator at the Site not only needs a quick decision, but one that protects the integrity of the protocol at the same time. What to do?

Solution: Authorization Codes
Veracity Logic’s IRT system provides Authorization Codes for just such occasions. Site users contact designated personnel to obtain a quick field decision as to whether the protocol deviation is advisable for the study. Authorization codes are held within the IRT system; available codes are easily accessed by the designated decision makers. A code documenting permission to register the subject is provided to the Site for entry into the IRT database. And all of this can be done within minutes! The fact that a protocol deviation has occurred, and the vital specifics of that deviation, can be easily tracked by Biostatisticians using Veracity Logic’s IRT.

Authorization codes can also be used to document authorized unblinding of subject treatment data—wherever there is an intersection between the need for a speedy decision and the need for protection of protocol integrity.

This is just one of the many ways Veracity Logic’s IRT meets real-life scenarios with real-life solutions.