Clinical trial subject and inventory management services

Helping your clinical trials run faster and more efficiently
clinical trial subject and inventory management services faster more efficiently

Trusted Clinical Trials IRT Solution

Veracity Logic is the IRT solution trusted by a growing number of discerning Pharmaceutical, Biotech and CRO companies.

The reason? Veracity Logic is reliable, responsive and user-friendly.

Our Interactive Response Technology (IRT) platform was specifically developed to meet the needs of the clinical trial industry, offering powerful functionality that enables rapid set up and changes.
Our team is experienced, efficient and dedicated to serving our customers.

And when you work with Veracity Logic, you’ll have more control over your project. That’s why our 21CFRPart11-compliant system is the logical choice.

We invite you to see for yourself…

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At Veracity Logic, we’re as proud of our ability to manage the real-life demands of clinical trials as we are of our technology. You’ll find we are:


Our system was specially designed to support clinical trials; VLIRT®’s highly configurable, modular platform sits on fully validated CORE technology. So you’ll have less need for custom coding and greater price flexibility, because you only use those modules required for the project.

We’ve supported 165 trials in 60 countries, with sizes ranging from 10 to 3000 subjects and durations spanning as long as 3 years.


Our system is designed to expedite clinical trials. It’s modular and quick to configure – so we can meet tight deployment timelines.

Our experienced team is known for rolling up their sleeves and diving in to help clients meet their goals. They’ll guide your clinical project managers through set up and respond fast to changes. With VLIVR, most changes to a project system can be completed in a matter of days.


Our system is easy to use, saving your team time and streamlining the startup process. With our straightforward and intuitive interface, reports are immediately accessible, enabling timely feedback and greater control.

When help is needed, you’ll find that answers are available quickly — our help desk is manned by an experienced team member 24/7, every day of the year.

Who We Are

Veracity Logic (VL), based in North Carolina’s Research Triangle area, specializes exclusively in providing IRT systems for clinical trials. We’ve built our business on exceeding customer expectations. Our clean, user-accessible IRT interface has complex and powerful thinking inside that simplifies processes.

That’s why our customers return for trial after trial.

  • 84% of our business is from repeat customers
  • We have customers that have been with us for over 12 years
  • Find out more about us

“When the study requirements for subject randomization and drug assignment suddenly changed, we were left scrambling for a new IRT solution six weeks prior to FPI. A colleague recommended Veracity Logic. Not only did VL provide a highly configurable solution to manage randomization and drug distribution, they were able to easily integrate with our existing EDC. We completed setup, integration, and training on time and within budget.” – Hunter Walker, CTO, Atlantic Research Group, Inc.

System and Services

RFP Process

respond quickly with the right information
We make it easy to work with us, responding quickly with the right information to simplify and move the process forward — from the CDA to the master service agreement.

Contact us for your next RFP and see how easy it is to work with us.

Start-up Process

get your clinical trial started quickly
During our start up process, our experienced team will document and guide you through validation and testing processes to get your clinical trial started quickly and effectively.

Contact us to see how we can help your team save time.

End-user Capabilities

clinical trial study design, subject randomization, Clinical Trial inventory control (CTC)
Veracity Logic offers modules for study design, subject randomization, Clinical Trial inventory control (CTC), temperature deviation/tracking, drug accountability, subject diary options and more.  To learn how our modular approach can simplify your next trail, contact us.

“Veracity Logic is one of my favorite vendors. They are extremely customer focused, quickly responding to requests at all hours of the day. They creatively and expediently solve problems that are encountered in the running of a clinical study.” – Senior Director, Clinical Supplies, Sponsor

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