Site Management

VLIRT®’s Import feature allows bulk uploading of clinical site information…for example, at study startup. But the system also empowers authorized users to add, activate, and deactivate sites on an individual basis as needed throughout a study without having to involve VL staff. This click-of-a-button functionality equates to savings in time and cost for VL clients. Ask us about site management features that enable fast, configurable control of predictive inventory variables, shipment processes, supply sources, and more…


Enrollment Expectations and Site Management

Problem:  Your clinical trial will be conducted at more than 50 clinical sites in the U.S. and another 40 internationally. The incidence of disease for the indication of interest varies widely based on geography, but your IRT algorithm treats sites as a unitary phenomenon–a sure path to cost inefficiencies. How can you leverage known statistical differences to […]


Help, I need to add a Site but the study hasn’t started!

Problem: You’ve got a study with 150 Clinical Sites globally and you want to be able to begin adding Sites to your IRT system as soon as they are enlisted  (and allow Site Monitors to modify Site information as needed), but you don’t want Sites to be able to add Subjects until regulatory requirements are […]