Inventory Management

The VLIRT® system provides ‘at a glance’ on-screen reporting of inventory status at central warehouses, regional depots, and clinical sites globally. Inventory views include up-to-date conditional reporting of kit availability, batch/expiry, problem issues, and more, for all clinical trial material throughout the trial. Learn about our specialty reports…like blinded inventory for key study personnel!

Predictive Inventory – Optimizing Drug Supply

The Challenge: One of the greatest challenges in the conduct of a clinical trial is managing the expensive and often limited supply of investigational drug needed for the project. Anything that can help reduce waste and shipping costs while ensuring that clinical sites will have the drug they need when they need it is on the ‘most […]

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Blinded Inventory View

Problem: A variety of critical personnel involved in a clinical trial, including Sponsors, CROs, and Clinical Suppliers, need to keep track of the daily inventory of study drug and ancillary product available at each clinical site in the study. But the standard IRT inventory record includes data that unblinds. You need a fast way to provide site […]

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