Global Reach

Veracity Logic has deployed IRT project systems in more than 50 countries, with translation of automated email Notifications, IVR prompts and Quick Reference Guides into 45+ languages. A network of country-specific access numbers for reaching VL staff is part of each project system user interface for international projects. Years of experience with global project management ensures IRT adaptability to international protocol requirements.

We’ve Got You Covered: Countries

  Interactive Response Technology solutions must reach people wherever they are throughout the world. Subjects/Patients, Clinical Sites Users, Warehouse Distribution Staff, and the Clinical Project Teams exist in a more and more distributed environment. Veracity Logic’s web presence exists anywhere users are able to reach the Internet. Our Help Desk staff are available to all […]

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We’ve Got You Covered: Languages

Interactive Response Technology solutions must be able to provide notifications in multiple languages as needed based on the countries in which a study is conducted. For IVR (phone) systems, voice prompts must also be translated and recorded in the needed languages. We’ve got you covered! Veracity Logic supports over 40 languages including: *Note: Tiers represents […]

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Complex Warehousing and Regional Depots…

Problem: You’ve got a large, complex clinical study to be conducted at 120 sites in 22 countries around the world, with four treatment groups and two ancillary products required for the trial at all locations. Logistics of manufacture and distribution make it clear the most cost-effective solution is to have centralized warehousing in the US […]

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