Activity Management

Our IRT manages all scheduled and unscheduled clinic visits, visit windows, termination activities, and other unscheduled activities like subject unblinding and unscheduled drug resupplies. Activity types and schedules are customized to project-specific needs. On-screen reports present all trial activities within and across subjects and sites on an ongoing basis. Summary views provide up-to-the-minute overviews of study status.


Accessing Event Notifications

  The Challenge: For a study lasting several years, it’s common to have turnover of study personnel. When this happens, new users need access to the notifications sent by the system prior to their arrival. Typically, new users have to ask for printouts of specific prior notifications,  or the Help Desk is asked to send copies of all the […]


Summary Rollup Reports…

Problem: Your drug supply depots are using up study drug faster than expected. You need to track down the problem. For one thing, you want to take a quick look at Subject Activities and see how many instances of unscheduled resupply of study drug have occurred in your study thus far, at all clinical sites […]