• AGILE or Not – The Team Makes the Difference

    We’ve been surprised over the past year or so by the number of IRT companies that have begun touting AGILE methodology as the knight-on-a-white-horse come to save us all from our clinical trial timing dilemmas. Oh, if only it were that simple! A Decade of Agility Veracity Logic has been using an AGILE-style methodology for nearly 10 years now. What we have learned is this: In its cleanest form, the approach does allow project teams to implement systems faster than with the +

  • Managing Supplemental Supplies with your IRT

    Required Non-Investigational Materials It doesn’t seem like a big deal until you have to do it – managing the bandages, syringes, saline solution, tubing, and so on, that Sites may require during the conduct of your clinical trial. The non-investigational materials required for use at clinic visits are often regarded as ‘no-brainers’, not demanding much forethought or attention. But it takes only one or two experiences in a complex trial for Clinical Project Managers (PMs) to concede that developing and managing +

  • Ten Areas to Find ROI From Your IRT System …

    Conducting a clinical trial – even a small one – is expensive. Pressure to contain costs is a constant presence in the lives of procurement managers, project managers, and senior personnel in all operational areas of Sponsor-companies and CROs. Accordingly, vendors who serve the pharmaceutical industry also live under intense pricing pressure. A demonstrable ROI – Return on Investment – is therefore a minimum requirement when considering whether a particular service provider is a worthy addition to the project mix. +

  • Use of Quarantine Strategies to Leverage Investigational Product

    Challenge: The cost of producing an adequate store of investigational drug for a clinical trial remains high – significant enough that new ways to forecast manufacturing quantities, predict optimal shipping schedules, and differentially assign drug to sites based on enrollment estimates are constantly being developed. How might IRT systems provide additional methods of minimizing drug waste during a study? +

  • Meet VL at CTS Southeast 2017 in Cary, NC

    This year's CTS Southeast focuses on "Developing Best Practices and Incorporating Novel Technologies to Meet the Demand of More Complex, International Clinical Trial Supply Chains". Veracity Logic's VLIRT® platform includes both Interactive Web Response (IWR) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) components. We provide a clean, table-based, low graphics intensity solution which our customers have found appealing for its wealth of features, ease of use, and speed. +

  • Meet VL at OCT Southeast 2017 in Cary, NC

    This locally-focused event attended by the RTP biopharmaceutical market (and more!) looks at key challenges faced by small to mid-sized biotech and pharma companies in the Southeast and facilitates learning and problem-solving through case studies and discussion among peers. We’d love to meet up! +

  • Meet VL at OCT Southeast 2017 in Cary, NC

    This locally-focused event attended by the RTP biopharmaceutical market (and more!) looks at key challenges faced by small to mid-sized biotech and pharma companies in the Southeast and facilitates learning and problem-solving through case studies and discussion among peers. We’d love to meet +

  • Meet Veracity Logic at SCOPE 2017…

    The 8th Annual SCOPE Summit, taking place January 24-26, 2017 in Miami, FL, will offer three stimulating days of in-depth discussions in 13 different conferences, 6 pre-conference workshops and 2 symposia focused on a myriad of issues related to clinical trial planning and management, including domains seminal to the world of Interactive Response Technology (IRT) -- e.g., Data Integration, Site Management, Patient Engagement, Mobile Tech, Project Management, Outsourcing, Forecasting, Quality in Trial Conduct, Risk-Based Monitoring, Post-Marketing Studies, and more! Veracity Logic’s +

  • Industry News: Managing Complexity

  • Acronym for This, Acronym for That

    Question: What is RTSM? The recent CBI IRT Conference in Philadelphia made clear that a new acronym -- "RTSM"-- is coming into popular use to describe IRT systems. What is RTSM? And do we really need another acronym? Response: Our industry started using the term "Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVRS)" in the early 90's to describe the typical phone-based systems used to capture IRT data for clinical trials. As use of web systems expanded, the term "Interactive Web Response Systems (IWRS)" sprung into +

  • Veracity Logic 2016 Fall Event Calendar

    For the sixth consecutive year, OmniComm Systems, a leading provider of electronic data capture technology, brings together industry thought leaders and life science organizations to explore and discuss how innovations in electronic data capture. Veracity Logic’s full-service Interactive Response Technology (IRT) integrates with OmniComm’s EDC system and many other mainstream EDC providers. Be sure to stop by our booth in Florida! When: October 20-21 Where: Fort Lauderdale, FL Venue: Fort Lauderdale Marriott Harbor Beach Resort and Spa Meet: David Goldston, +

  • How to Choose an IRT for Your Clinical Trial (Obsolete–See 10/17/2017)

    Interactive Response Technology (IRT) is the currently accepted term for IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and IWR (Interactive Web Response) systems used in clinical trials. In the not very distant past, the IVRS was the standard method of adding IRT to the suite of tools used to execute a clinical trial. Development of response technology on the web, which began in the early 2000’s, constituted a paradigm shift for the industry, and fueled the expansion of IRT’s role and capabilities. Today, the +

  • Subject Management and Demographics

    Handling a World of Diversity Your clinical trial is global and age- of-subject is a critical variable. For most countries, Date of Birth is collected. But some countries, like Germany, regard the collection of Date of Birth as a violation of subject privacy. Not only that, your present IRT system requires that three-part initials be entered as a way of confirming subject identity. But some countries regard that as a violation of privacy, too. What to do? Solution: Demographic Flexibility Veracity Logic’s IRT system +

  • Can Your IRT System Help You Manage Protocol Deviations?

    Challenge Your study has been suffering from slow enrollment. An excellent candidate, medically speaking, walks into Site 101 but there’s one problem: The minimum enrollment age for the clinical trial is 18. The age of the new potential candidate is 17 years, eight months. The Study Coordinator at the Site not only needs a quick decision, but one that protects the integrity of the protocol at the same time. What to do? Solution: Authorization Codes Veracity Logic’s IRT system provides Authorization Codes for +

  • Can Your IRT System React to Surprise Protocol Changes?

    If you’re on a dark ocean and spot an iceberg ahead, do you really want to be on board the Titanic? Clinical trials have hidden challenges that surprise sponsors and vendors alike. So using a vendor that reacts quickly is critical to saving time and costs for sponsors. Large companies are typically unable to quickly steer their ships ... They may seem like a 'safe choice' because they're large but their size can work against them rendering them less nimble to deal +