Enhancing the IRT User Experience…

IRT Essentials

The Challenge:

During the course of a clinical trial, users are required to learn and use a variety of systems. To ease the burden, IRT vendors need to provide an attractive, easy-to-learn, easy-to-use IRT interface that provides users with much-desired ‘data at a glance’ capabilities and allows them to execute critical tasks quickly, with a few simple clicks.

The Solution:

To meet this challenge, Veracity Logic has developed a table-based, data-centric approach that greatly simplifies the user experience by incorporating basic data processing/error reduction strategies like data toggles, row-level audit trails, tabular formats, check boxes, filters, and context-sensitive menus, while eliminating the kinds of graphic overloads that slow down other systems and result in user frustration.

Context-Sensitive Menus

IRT Essentials

Veracity Logic’s VLIRT® web interface provides users with easy access to view data and a context-sensitive task menu for each record in the report. The task menu presents the users with only those options allowable for the selected record. For example, the task menu for a shipment that has been sent from the regional depot will allow a user to receive the shipment but will not allow the shipment to be sent again.

We’ve Got You Covered: Languages

IRT Essentials

Interactive Response Technology solutions must be able to provide notifications in multiple languages as needed based on the countries in which a study is conducted. For IVR (phone) systems, voice prompts must also be translated and recorded in the needed languages.

We’ve got you covered! Veracity Logic supports over 40 languages including: