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Do you know:

  • How many registered US-only clinical trials are active as of Jan 1, 2018?
    • Answer: 93,291!
  • How many registered non-US trials are active as of the same date?
    • Answer: 123,756!
  • How many registered studies posted results in 2017?
    • Answer: 29,510 !

We in the clinical trials industry stay so busy we don’t always take enough advantage of overview statistics available from the simplest of places – in this case, Clinical The above data are taken from their registration lists. The site currently lists 262,570 studies with locations in 50 states and 201 countries.

Click here for the details of these statistics and more – like how many studies involve a drug or biologic (124,193) and how many involve a surgical procedure (22,385).

And don’t forget to look at the menu to the left labeled ‘Trends, Charts and Maps.’ Click on ‘Downloading Content for Analysis’ if you want access to advanced search features with lots of data – but be sure to read the caveats first!

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