Hey, Do You Guys Do Many Phase 3’s?

IRT Essentials

We’ve recently had a few prospective clients ask us to add to our company's introductory materials a couple of additional details about the project structure and client base of our Interactive Response Technology (IRT/IWR/IVR) – specifically, client type and project phase.

To that end, we’ve drawn together two key metrics that will let customers know at a glance the total project experience landscape here at Veracity Logic. We thought we’d share these today with you, our website/blog/newsletter readers!


  • Client Base: About 50/50 split between CROs and Sponsors, on average. Company sizes range from small to large.
  • Project Types over the past decade of global IRT systems deployment:
    • 52% Phase 3-4
    • 48% Phase 1-2b

Veracity Logic is known in the industry to be a solid, economical option for smaller studies, and a user-friendly, flexible, robust environment (still economical!) for big studies. And, in a recent survey, many of our clients went out of their way to give major kudos to the VL project team for responsiveness, knowledge, and ability to adapt.

Ok, we admit it. That’s really good to know!

We've also been asked to outline the pros and cons of using smaller, specialized companies like Veracity Logic for clinical trial needs. We'll be doing that in next week's hot topic, so be sure to stop back by!

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