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The Challenge:

As technology gets more and more sophisticated, data collection systems for clinical trials are at risk of becoming less and less intuitive for users. Accordingly, the importance of the User Experience has moved to the forefront in many recent pharmaceutical conferences. The challenge for the pharma-tech industry is obvious: How to deliver more and more power under the hood while remaining/becoming more and more user friendly for the diverse population of users at clinical sites around the world?

The Solution:

Interactive Response Technology (IRT, IWR/IVR) is one area in which the issue is being addressed. Ask yourself a question: "How user friendly is your current IRT (IWR/IVR) system?"  One way to answer this question is this: how many clicks does it take to perform Task X, Y, or Z?

For instance, how many clicks does it take for a Project Manager to get a full list of active Subjects from their IRT?  With Veracity Logic's IRT, the answer is --- drumroll please! -- ZERO.  A summary table of Subject information/status is the default entry screen for the VLIRT® system.

How many clicks are needed to Add a Subject? Answer: Two!  One to open the Add Subject screen, a second to hit the Record button when all necessary information has been added.

How many clicks to Randomize a Subject?  Three!  One to open the Task Menu, one to select Record Activity from the context-sensitive menu, and one to hit the Record button when done.

How many clicks to get a status summary of All Shipments in the project? One! Click on the Shipments link from main menu and there you are. The number of clicks jumps to Two if you want to view shipments by Country or Site. How many clicks are required in your current IRT system to achieve these same endpoints?

This vital question -- "How many clicks does it take...?" -- is one of the key questions decision-makers should be asking when vetting an IRT.

We use this approach of minimizing clicks as one important way of keeping the complexity of the user interface low. Behind-the-scenes, the configurable power of our system easily expands as needed, based on the demands of the project. But the key to ease-of-use -- and hence the best of User Experiences --  is the intuitive user-friendliness of the VLIRT® interface.

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