Selecting a Fast, Adaptable IRT is one Key to Success

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Can Your IRT System React to Surprise Protocol Changes?

 If you’re on a dark ocean and spot an iceberg ahead, do you really want to be on board the Titanic? Clinical trials have hidden challenges that surprise sponsors and vendors alike. So using a vendor that reacts quickly is critical to saving time and costs for sponsors.

Large companies are typically unable to quickly change course ...

They may seem like a 'safe choice' because they're large but their size can work against them rendering them less nimble to deal with sudden change. Your upcoming trial is critical to moving your company forward. Will your IRT vendor’s inability to react quickly put the trial at risk?

Veracity Logic's VLIRT® can react quickly!

The Veracity Logic VLIRT® system is an innovative, fully configurable and  customizable Interactive Response Technology (IRT) system designed to meet your clinical study requirements. And our team of dedicated IRT professionals are ready to serve. Our favorite acronym is FARA -- Fast, Adaptive, Responsive, and Affordable!

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