Five IRT Assists for Clinical Project Managers

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You're a Clinical Project Manager (CPM) given a study halfway through enrollment and you need to get up to speed on study status FAST!  How can your IRT help?


Fortunately, you're using Veracity Logic's Interactive Response Technology system, VLIRT®.  Here are five key features geared toward CPMs who find themselves in just this predicament.

  • Table views  at-a-glance of all data content (for example, Subjects page, Activity page, Inventory page, etc.) with one-click On-Demand Export To CSV from any page in the system. VLIRT® data is easily downloaded to MS-Excel or your preferred data analysis tool for arranging and re-arranging data as you require.
  • A Subject Roll-up Report gives you a chance to review the dates of all visits for each subject, one row per subject.
  • Access to historical emails for new users. CPMs can view all of the email traffic generated by the system for all sites in the study. Likewise, a new CRA who is joining a project already into its 2nd year can review all of the emails  for site(s) the CRA is assigned to monitor. This makes it easy for new personnel to come up to speed on events like subject visits, shipment receipts, or subject unblindings, to name a few of the notifications generated by the VLIRT® system.
  •  Easy setting and re-setting of key study limits via simple configuration changes by the user -- for example, changing subject screening or randomization limits, cohort limits, strata limits, treatment group limits, and so on.  VLIRT® allows the CPM to control a variety of limits at the site, country, or the study level.
  • With the Activities Roll-up Report, the CPM can see at a glance the number of subjects who have recorded each scheduled activity -- and who are late -- and the total number of times each unscheduled activity has been recorded at each site.

These are only five of the ways Veracity Logic's IRT helps project managers maximize speed and minimize pain in the conduct of their clinical trial.

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