Managing Users in the IRT

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Managing Users is one of the key functions of an IRT system in a clinical trial. Typically, IRTs provide the important subject randomization and drug supply management activities for the study. Assigning access to the array of permissions that determine what each user can see and not see in each arena must be foolproof, easy to set up, speedy to change and maintain, and friendly when it comes to adding and subtracting Users throughout the life of the study.


Not all IRTs are equal in the time and/or system flexibility required to meet these basic needs. Project timelines, costs, and quality can all be adversely impacted by how difficult it is to accomplish some of these seemingly simple housekeeping tasks.


Veracity Logic’s (VL) approach to managing Users in its VLIRT® system includes a series of readily-configurable Role-based tables that link users to specific User Functions, and Notifications.

Adding and subtracting user functions to existing roles – and to new functions that might be added as the study progresses – is a simple matter. The VL approach to managing Notifications enjoys the same time-saving role-based concepts-- and VL offers blinded and unblinded variations of the same notifications to accommodate both kinds of users.

But even more important, the technical underpinning of the role-based system makes short work of adding new roles to the system with a minimum of custom coding involved.

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