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Getting to market faster is one of the major goals of every pharmaceutical company. Going paperless is one way CROs are reducing the time--and costs--required to complete and close a clinical trial.

According to CenterWatch (June 27, 2016), Sponsor use of electronic Trial Master File (eTMF) applications has doubled in the past two years. At the same time, use of paper for Trial Master Files has dropped to 28%.

As more CROs adapt to being paperless and bring their eTMF applications online, they need vendors who are able to keep up the same pace.  Aware of the goal, Veracity Logic uses an electronic repository to store all of its project documentation.  Once documents are fully executed (all relevant parties have signed off), they are moved to a shared electronic portal where the client is given access to download on demand any and all documents required for the Trial Master File.

"We understand the goals of the industry and are supporting those goals by having project documentation available to our clients long before database lock," says Andrea DeStefano, Project Manager at Veracity Logic.

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