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So it’s time to decide what types of shipment requests you’ll use in your clinical trial. There will be crunch times when Manual Requests are essential; other times when system-generated Automatic Requests are optimal (i.e., generating a shipment when a site’s inventory reaches a pre-set level). For some studies, a Predictive approach (modifying resupply based on multiple variables) is desirable to prevent drug wastage and to keep busy sites from running out. And if these decisions weren’t hard enough, sites for which you wish to use the Predictive model vary in key components of the resupply algorithm, for example, the number of days it takes a shipment to arrive from the warehouse.  What to do?


Veracity Logic’s IRT is designed to provide maximum flexibility in the options available for shipping study drug.

Just as no two patients are alike, so are no two sites alike—therefore the VLIRT® system allows variation at the site level. For example, sites can vary in:

  • Whether or not Manual Requests are used
  • Whether or not Automatic resupply is used
  • Whether or not Predictive resupply is used
  • Alert levels for Automatic resupply
  • The values of predictive variables used to calculate resupply on a ‘need’ basis
  • The amount of resupply applied to Predictive models

VLIRT® also makes it easy to modify a site’s shipping preferences during the trial.  And even sites receiving automatic shipments are given the additional ability to generate manual requests on demand whenever the need arises.

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