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Help, the delivery van ran over the study drug …!


Despite the best laid plans, whatever can happen, does happen when a clinical trial is in the field. Examples:

  • Kit 690, the study drug unit about to be assigned to Subject A, was damaged in transit and can’t be assigned.
  • Subject B’s wife, trying to be helpful, stuck an ambient study drug into the fridge to keep it cool.
  • Site 101 has a record of Kit 702 having been received but Site personnel can’t find it on the shelf.
  • And the kit that was supposed to go to Subject C was distributed to Subject D by mistake! What to do?


With Veracity Logic’s IRT managing your study drug distribution these unexpected events are easily dealt with and documented. Users select Report Problem from the Task Menu of the selected kit and with a single click record the details of Damaged, Missing, Temperature Deviation, or Misadministered kit. The Inventory page automatically reflects changes in kit status. Flexible functionality allows kit statuses to be modified yet again when problems are resolved, such as, when a missing kit is found or a temperature deviation is determined to be within acceptable parameters. The inventory-control functionality of Veracity Logic's IRT system ensures you will always know the current status of each site’s inventory and the whereabouts of each individual kit in the study.

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