Returned Kits: I need to count capsules but my IRT doesn’t allow it…

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Your study's protocol calls for the return of unused study drug to the clinical site at each visit, when new drug is distributed.  This drug accountability needs to be documented not merely at the container level, which is the only way your current IRT allows, but at the capsule level as well. You need a quick and efficient way for each clinical site to document these returns throughout the study. How to do it?


With Veracity Logic’s IRT, drug accountability is easily managed. Users chose Return Kit from the Task Menu of the selected kit; the system prompts the user to record the counts of the units Used and Returned. The system then determines if there are any units 'unaccounted for' in the kit.  Standard functionality guides the process with edit checks to make sure the counts entered are consistent with the amount of drug originally dispensed. The use of the IRT to document drug returns ensures standardization of the drug accountability process across sites. And with Veracity Logic’s capability for easy system configuration, the modification of return functionality to suit your protocol needs is achieved with limited impact on timelines.

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