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A variety of critical personnel involved in a clinical trial, including Sponsors, CROs, and Clinical Suppliers, need to keep track of the daily inventory of study drug and ancillary product available at each clinical site in the study. But the standard IRT inventory record includes data that unblinds. You need a fast way to provide site inventory status to those who need information, without a loss of study integrity. How to solve the dilemma?


Veracity Logic’s IRT has been developed over ten years of experience with issues exactly like this one in mind. Our system can readily provide both a blinded and an unblinded inventory view of the Inventory page of your project. You specify the users who will have access to each type of inventory view. Unblinded users will see the number of kits of each treatment type available at each site. Blinded users will see a ‘rollup’ report of the total counts of all kits (including both study drug and ancillary kits) available at each site. Administrative (unblinded) users will be able to toggle between the two views.

This is just one more of the many ways Veracity Logic’s IRT provides the power and flexibility you need to meet real-life scenarios with real-life solutions.

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