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Oh my, not all demographics are created equal…


Your clinical trial has hundreds of subjects taking place in 32 countries.  One of the best ways to help sites ensure accurate identification across subject visits is to require not only a unique ID for each subject but also a linked Date of Birth (DOB) and three-part subject Initials. Trouble is, some countries allow the capture of DOBs and some regard their presence in the IRT as a violation of patient privacy. Likewise, some countries allow the use of Initials…and some don’t. What to do?


Veracity Logic’s IRT was built with the capacity for demographic diversity in mind. By means of simple configuration settings, each site within each country can be set to capture Initials, or to replace Initials with dashes. Likewise, by simple configuration settings, each site within each country can require the collection of either a full DOB or, alternatively, an Age and Year of Birth.

By focusing on configurability rather than time-consuming custom coding, Veracity Logic’s IRT is easily modified to meet a wide variety of real-life study needs.  No need to wrestle with systems that require ‘one size fit all’!

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