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You’ve got a complicated study that, for ease of conduct, will require two special types of user roles not offered in your current IRT system. One is a kind of Project Observer who can access the same data your Project Managers can access, i.e., users and sites, resupply settings, screening limits, etc., but with a View-Only perspective. Your second need is for two types of Site Investigators, one with the power to unblind subjects in cases of emergency, one without that power. Your current IRT allows for only one type of PI role. What to do?


Veracity Logic’s IRT is built on an easily configurable platform which enables creation of new User Roles to fit study needs without timeline-busting custom coding. In the above case, the creation of a Clinical Project Observer with a specified set of permissions can be handled on a configuration basis via a User Roles table, as can the creation of a Blinded Investigator role. During study startup and throughout the trial, user permissions are managed by means of a user-friendly User Management module in the project system.

In other words, Veracity Logic’s IRT gives you the power and flexibility you need to meet real-life scenarios with real-life solutions.

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