Help, I need to add a Site but the study hasn’t started!

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You’ve got a study with 150 Clinical Sites globally and you want to be able to begin adding Sites to your IRT system as soon as they are enlisted  (and allow Site Monitors to modify Site information as needed), but you don't want Sites to be able to add Subjects until regulatory requirements are met.  Once the study has started, authorized personnel should be able to add, modify, and remove Sites quickly and easily on an ongoing basis. How to do this?


Veracity Logic’s IRT solves the first problem by separating the Add Site function from the Activate Site function.  Site information is added with the click of a button on the Sites page.  At the desired point in the study startup process, the site is officially activated (by an authorized user). Once activated, clinical sites can begin to add subjects. Throughout the study, authorized users can easily access and modify site information as needed to keep site details up to date.

As part of the standard module, site information includes address, primary contact, phone and fax numbers, time zone, country, status as a clinical site or a depot, and whether the site will be resupplied using a manual, automatic, or predictive methodology.  The warehouse supplying the site is specified, as is the maximum number of screened and randomized subjects permitted at the site.

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