Errors in transfers to EDC

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Your study depends on reliable interaction between your IRT system and your EDC platform. But your current IRT provider has three times failed to successfully complete a transmission between the two systems…with no warning to you!  In all three cases, the transmission error was caused by technical issues that were not in the IRT vendor’s control. Still, you need a way to solve the problem…fast!


Veracity Logic’s approach to third-party integration builds in error monitoring and correction processes.  XML transmissions successfully completed are held in a SENT folder on the IRT server.  Should the IRT server be unable to successfully transmit a document, that file will be moved into an Error folder and an email message automatically sent to IRT staff who can then take the necessary steps to address the issue and retransmit the file. If a snag at the EDC end is preventing data from being received, an email message is sent to VL’s staff so that resubmission steps can be taken.

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