Manual Shipment Requests: Help, I need more drug…!

Case Studies


Your resupply algorithm for a particular Site has worked very well—until now. This month a generally low-enrolling site has inexplicably had a banner crop of new subjects. The site is running low on study drug. How do you get more drug to them fast?


Veracity Logic’s flexible IRT system allows for unscheduled Manual Shipment Requests on demand. Authorized (unblinded) users can select the Manual Request option from the Shipments page and specify the precise number of each type of drug to be shipped. The IRT notifies the warehouse of the unscheduled order and warehouse personnel use the IRT to advise the site when their order has been sent. When the package arrives and site personnel mark the shipment ‘received’ via the system, the site inventory is updated within the IRT.

With Veracity Logic's IRT,  a project can have both Automatic and Manual Shipment Request capabilities available at a site level for whatever situation might arise.

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