Need to shorten startup time without sacrificing project quality?

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Your study has a hard startup timeline but there have been an array of delays and modifications on the science side of things. You not only need to make up time, you need to make some changes to the specifications for your vendors, including your IRT system which is already in validation…and you need to do it all without killing your timeline or sacrificing quality.  What to do?


We know clinical trials...change is  a common phenomenon! That’s why Veracity Logic’s IRT was designed to provide maximum flexibility for just such situations. The VLIRT® system was built with an emphasis on two key strategies:

  • Validated CORE technology
  • Configurable project system modifications

Our validated CORE informs risk assessment strategies to enable focused, efficient testing and a high quality product in a timeline-friendly fashion.

Our base of easily modified, quickly accessed, protocol-specific setup configurations keeps the need for custom coding to a minimum in the development and change management of all project systems.

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