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Uh oh, we don’t have that drug type on the shelf…!


Clinical site A has been slow but steady enrolling subjects for your study, and the IRT resupply schedule has been working just fine, provisioning the site with just the right amounts of the two types of study drug used in the study.  But an unexpected bolus of three eligible subjects has enabled the site to exceed its usual goals. Unfortunately, the randomization schedule has just assigned three kits of the same treatment group to the new subjects. Problem is, site A only has two kits of that group left in its inventory!  You don’t want to lose the third subject. What to do?!


Veracity Logic’s IRT accommodates a variety of randomization schemas including "Forced Randomization". In the Forced Randomization scenario, the inventory management module of the IRT ‘knows’ that site A is one kit short on the assigned treatment group. The system automatically skips ahead in the randomization schedule to the first available kit in a treatment group that is currently available in site A’s inventory. It then assigns that kit/treatment group to the subject. This ‘forcing’ of assignment is balanced by the system in subsequent randomizations in which the ‘skipped’ kit/treatment group is assigned at the next study opportunity.

A special notification sent to specified users documenting when a Forced Randomization assignment has occurred.

In other words, Veracity Logic’s IRT gives you the power and flexibility you need to meet real-life scenarios with real-life solutions.

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