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Your drug supply depots are using up study drug faster than expected. You need to track down the problem. For one thing, you want to take a quick look at Subject Activities and see how many instances of unscheduled resupply of study drug have occurred in your study thus far, at all clinical sites globally, and, in particular, at Canadian sites, where the biggest problem seems to lie.  How do you quickly get the information you need from your IRT?


Veracity Logic’s IRT solves this problem with on-screen Activity Rollup function.  A toggle on the Activities page brings up a summary report filterable by Country, Site, or Activity. Activity totals are provided at the Site, Country, and Study level (as defined for your project).  The same summary data is presented for all other activities, including scheduled visits and unscheduled activities (such as Screen Failures, Early Withdrawals, and Unblinding).

Subject Rollup functionality, accessible by a toggle click on the Subjects page, is also a part of Veracity Logic’s standard offering. The Subject Rollup report provides at a glance the record of all scheduled subject visits that have occurred (and their dates) within and across subjects. This report is filterable by Subject Status, Site, and Country,

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