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Your global trial includes 32 clinical sites in 12 countries and all but two have reliable access to the internet and your web-based IRT system. In the other two locations, internet connectivity comes and goes like a bad dream … with entirely too much down time for the sponsor's comfort. An IVR (phone) option is added to the IRT, meaning that users at a site, at any given time may be using either the IWR (web) or IVR (phone) platform or both … sometimes attempting to modify the same subject record. How will order be kept?


Veracity Logic’s IRT is designed to provide instant integration between its web and phone systems when circumstances call for IVR (phone) capability. If two persons attempt to modify the same data at the same time, only the first to save their change is allowed to proceed. The other is sent an instant on-screen message (or voice message) that the data has already been modified by another user, and the new data becomes available on the phone (if entered on the web) and on the web (if entered on the phone) as soon as the user returns to the menu. The IRT’s audit trail captures the data updates made via IWR (web) or IVR (phone).

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