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Handling a World of Diversity

Your clinical trial is global and age- of-subject is a critical variable. For most countries, Date of Birth is collected. But some countries, like Germany, regard the collection of Date of Birth as a violation of subject privacy. Not only that, your present IRT system requires that three-part initials be entered as a way of confirming subject identity. But some countries regard that as a violation of privacy, too. What to do?

Solution: Demographic Flexibility

Veracity Logic’s IRT system was built to allow demographic flexibility, for these and other subject variables, on a configuration basis within and across studies. In other words, within the same study, Site A can collect Date of Birth while Site B collects only Year of Birth and Age. And it does it as part of the standard system - no time delay for custom coding. Likewise with subject initials - sites easily have the option of entering three initials, two initials, or just hyphens if such identifying information is prohibited. The same configuration option applies to other demographic variables, like height and weight, kg and pounds, BMI, and so on.

This is just one of the many ways Veracity Logic’s IRT meets real-life scenarios with real-life solutions.

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