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Houston, we have a problem…

These are the words no one wants to hear! Your clinical supplies vendor has called to tell you there is a problem with one of your drug batches. You need to locate and recall all kits in the batch for destruction.

- Where are the kits with the bad drug?
- Are there any already shipped to clinical sites?
- Any, heaven forbid, assigned to subjects?


Good news, the Veracity Logic system can help; and its pretty simple.

Login to Veracity Logic's IRT system, go to the Kits page, filter on the batch that has been identified as having the problem, and click one button to export the file to CSV (a file format readable by MS-Excel). You can then use MS-Excel's filtering and sorting functions to locate all the kits in the bad batch, determine where the kits are located and whether any have been assigned to subjects.

Once this is done, your VL project team will help you create an import file to quickly update the status of all kits in the bad batch.

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